Monday, October 22, 2007

what would you do at this intersection?

Take a look, and see what interpretation you come up with.
Can you, or can't you make a U-turn?

Then go here (read the second paragraph below the picture, dated August 26th) and see if your explanation matches the one given by dadlak. He is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which really surprised me, because with road signage like this, I was just sure he had to be in Michigan . . .


Kerry Ashwin said...

Well done. I can see you have it in you to join my blog "the league of common sense". You do it with pictures and I with words.
Be proud to say I belong to the LCS. I will watch your blog with interest.

Perla said...

I think if there was two lanes turning, the first lane furthest to the left can uturn and the second left lane can just turn left, not make a uturn. But if there is only one left turn lane, you got me.