Saturday, October 13, 2007

RE(ally) GRAND?

Susan found this sign in Gig Harbor, WA. As she says, "I guess it wasn't grand enough the first time!"
It does beg the question, though . . . how is a "re-grand" opening different than a grand "re"-opening?
(I'll stop now before the quotation mark police come after me . . . :-) )


Anonymous said...

Amazing. I live in Seattle, and my neighborhood gym is also holding a Re-Grand Opening. Somewhere in Washington, a signmaker is very confused.

KarenLW said...

I also see these all the time. So between the author, the printer, and the person who hangs the one gets it. Amazing.

InHim said...

All over again?


InHim said...

All over again.


Sprite said...

Aaaaarrggh! Mis-use of the phrase 'beg the question'!

Signs&Wonders said...

no way--for real?! How DOES one use the phrase, then? I gladly stand corrected.