Monday, January 21, 2008

hidden messages?

This one was spotted by my in-real-life friend and colleague, Jessica.

I just wonder if the message to the dogs is really code for, "the revolution begins at sunset. spread the word!"

curious traffic guidelines

Angie was amused by some of what she saw while visiting Australia. I think it's safe to say that there must be a fair amount of confusion among drivers there!

good to know. I thought they were just suggestions!
Turn left AT ANY TIME with care.
If you wish to make a careless left turn,
you may only do so on Tuesdays and
Thursdays between 12 and 3pm.

"NOW" as in, "before you ram your car into the wall"?

"Pay here!" "No, wait! No stopping! DON'T pay here!"
(or pay while you're driving by? that might explain this:)

yeah, don't look for change in this case, because man, it's gone.

Undertaking? you have to stay to the right.

This one just reminds me of so many other wonderful tourist spots people have seen on their journeys . . . who would want to miss this amazing attraction?
Thanks, Angie!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I've been so negligent . . .

life gets in the way, blah blah blah.

Part of me wonders if I really have it in me to keep up with this blog as well as my other one, but at the same time, I've gotten so much great stuff and would hate to see it die . . . (because you know, there are not nearly enough blogs in the world, right?)

Of course, there are others of you out there doing such similarly wonderful work on these things . . . but how could I walk away from the potential for more ho-made goodness to come?

But I'm going to try to post a few gems tonight yet. Here's one that you'll have to follow the link to--but I have to thank Mike for letting me know about this great clearance event that was going on in Toronto a few years ago when he was there!