Tuesday, December 25, 2007

well, can it? huh, huh?! can it?!

Eric M. found this fabulous specimen (that is surely worthy of the grammar police on so many levels!) in his apartment building. He wondered why they left out the question mark.

There is so much else wrong with this sign that I don't even know where to send it first!


Louise Kahle said...

This reminds me of the many times I have seen something referred to as "old fashion" instead of "old fashioned".
Old fashioned means it is fashioned after something old. Old fashion would be all those clothes in your closet that haven't been worn in a long time.

The Grammarphile said...

Omigod. After seeing this sign, I am twitching. Seriously *twitching*.

Mighty Red Pen said...

Can food drive? Good question!