Sunday, December 23, 2007

lots of gems here

But the best was "the one that got away" . . . Janessa T. spotted this sign in Spokane, WA but regrets not having been able to get a picture of her receipt, where she was charged for "calm chowder".

I like the claim that the soups (though they're not committing in terms of WHICH soup they're talking about, apparently--although I HOPE it's the Cheddar Cauliflower!) are "Healty!"

Also of note are the sincere and heartfelt sorrow over the demise of their chicken sandwich, as well as their continual reassurance that, should you want it HOT, they can make it hot!

as long as it's not chicken . . . (TRY TURKEY!!!)

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The Grammarphile said...

It's not just the bad grammar and heinous spelling that make this sign so crazy...the handwriting on the board also makes me giggle. The first soup looks like it's Jomato Basil. :)